The Modern Aging

18 Jan , 2017  

The Modern Aging program is initiated and designed by the international non-profit organization, ACCESS Health International. Modern Aging helps young entrepreneurs to take their ideas from dream to reality and make them as impactful as possible. They offer a sponsored four-month innovation program filled with seminars and workshops as well as coaching and mentoring for the entrepreneurs with the most promising ideas. Through the program the entrepreneurs will build important networks of industry experts, mentors and peers. The entrepreneurs will develop leaderships skills in order to take their idea concepts forward as well as gaining in-depth understanding of the conditions, attitudes and lifestyles of the new generation of the elderly and how new ideas can be tailored to their needs.

Name of the social innovation: Modern Aging

Founder: Stéphanie Treschow

Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information: http://www.moderntaldrande.se

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