School in the Cloud

15 Nov , 2016   Video

School in the cloud is one of the innovative idea that  made Sugat Mitra  the initiator TED Prize award 2013 .His  innovation was the effort towards advancing learning for children all over the world .The main idea behind this innovation is ,group of children if given access to the internet  can learn almost anything by themselves. The program contributes in practicing SOLE (Self-Organized Learning  Environment).The basic principal behind SOLE is freedom to learn collaboratively using the internet. In SOLE session students are left free in a room with computer, internet access and are allowed free to move around ,share ideas, change group where the teachers main task is just to ask them the BIG question. Big question are the interesting question that fires children’s imagination and curiosity that makes them want to discover answer to the BIG question aim to encourage deep and long conversation rather than finding answer. There is also the component called granny cloud. The granny cloud contains the volunteers  who halos to interact with  children in SOLE Innovation in Education.session .These people try to stimulate curiosity, develop confidence and have fun learning things.In conclusion the idea is to let the children learn by themselves using sources instead of classical education system of making children learn something unwillingly.

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