Repair Cafe

15 Nov , 2016  

Repair Cafes are free meeting places  and as you can understand from the name its all about repairing things.In the Cafe a person could find any tools or materials that it needs for his/her purpose.If a visitor or customer brings a broken thing to the cafe,customer can start repairing their wares with themselves, or with help from a qualified personnel or another customer in the Cafe.And not all customers does  not need to bring a broken piece to come to cafe,if someone wants to get a coffee from there,or want to give a hand to someone is also welcome to the cafe.Martine Postma first started this idea in 2007 but,she only properly organised her first Cafe in Amsterdam, on 18 October 2009.With this idea.Customers gaining knowledge about its product and they just handle their jobs independently from the brand’s  requisite services.Also doing this in a cheerful way.

Contact Site :

Founder : Martine Postma

Foundation chairman : Leonie Reinders


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