iRecycle – Fabulous recycling search engine!

15 Nov , 2016  

As we know recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new reusable objects, it helps prevent the waste of useful materials, helps to reduce the usage of raw materials, saves energy and prevents more air and water pollutions. This is the basic information that most people already know by now but not a lot of people know about how to recycle or some details about recycling. Earth911 has launched a free iRecycle app for people to get more information about recycling. This app provides costumers up to date information about recycling. I was also one of those people that didn’t know much about recycling so when I read this article about the new app iRecycle I decided to download and learn more about recycling. I was surprised to learn that almost everything is recyclable even cars and hazardous things. iRecycle was first only made for apple products but later on android users got the chance to experience this great app. This app lets you find recycling locations and programs for more than 240 materials. This new app got the attention of most users on apple and android users. As the vice president of cooperate responsibility for Sprint says “We are delighted to include this app in Sprint’s Green ID pack and happy that all Android users can access and use it.” I really enjoyed learning about recycling and I suggest that everyone download this app so they can learn about recycling. Our world is dying on fresh raw sources someday there will be no new sources on the earth and when that day comes people will regret that they haven’t recycled or knew about recycling.

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