15 Nov , 2016  

Ever since I was little kid I used to remember asking my mom how do blind people manage to go through life and go out of the house when they cannot see anything? I never thought a life could be possible without seeing colors and true beauty of the world. When I heard about the Be My Eyes app I thought to my self why didn’t I ever think about something like this. Be My Eyes is a non-profited app created by, Hanz Jorgen Wiberg from Denmark. Apparently he came up with the idea in 2012, and he himself is also visually impaired, so he has hands on hands personal experience of what difficulties blind people go through in life. Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. It is plain and very easy application to get a hang of. Basically how it works is, blind people when in need of help request assistance and the volunteer receives a notification for help and a live video connection gets established between the volunteer and the blind person in need for help. From the live video the volunteer can help the blind person by answering question they need answered. The challenge that he or she is facing with can be anything from knowing the expiry of the milk, reading a label to navigating to new surroundings. Blind people can get help from anywhere, as Hanz Jorgen Wiberg says “ Be my eyes volunteer just explains the help the blind person needs,then we say thank you and get along with our lives, you don’t have to offer coffee or anything”. It is such a simple app that can help many, instead of playing angry birds, fruit ninja instead, we can do better and become a volunteer and help the visually impaired people. I personally am going to sign up to this app and encourage the people around me to become volunteers and be the eyes of blind people. Being able to see our selves in the mirror is not something we can take for granted but with our eyes and be my eyes we can look to the mirror together and maybe make this world a little bit better.

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