MOOC – Massive open online courses

18 Oct , 2016  

MOOC ( ), massive open online courses, is an idea, to provide knowledge on the internet. The origin is based on the universities, which started, to record their lectures and to offer them also on the internet. MOOCs should help, to make knowledge accessible worldwide through online courses, just by having an internet connection. The courses come along with online forums, where participants can discuss the contents and help each other. Now MOOCs are provided by different internet platforms. The idea sounds great and simple, and in the beginning, expectations were high. Unfortunately after some years studies came to the results, that MOOCs are mostly used by people, who already have any academic background and also a lot of people do net follow until the end and do not get any certificate. But all in all, it is just the beginning of E-learning and every new idea needs some time, to become accepted.


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