A New Age School – Orestad Gymnasium

18 Oct , 2016  

Ørestad Gymnasium is one giant classroom, where more than 1,100 high school students spend half their time learning in an expansive glass cube — a “gymnasium,” as parts of Europe still call secondary schools — to avoid traditional instruction. By encouraging students to collaborate in wide-open settings, the school hopes kids will be equipped to think flexibly on diverse topics later in life.The open spaces, which are adorned with equally spacious “drums” for a more relaxed learning environment, encourage students to assume an active role in their own education. Kids break off into groups and form makeshift classrooms, sometimes with teachers to guide them. Movable walls and bookshelves create more intimate learning settings.

Main project idea: At Ørestad Gymnasium they aim at being a school constantly testing new ways of teaching. Their building is extremely useful for this purpose, and they have lots of modern technology to support it. They organize their teaching as an interaction between:

  • traditional classes/plenary environments
  • group based learning environments
  • individual acquisition of knowledge (e.g. virtual teaching)
  • real life cases taught in co-operation with external partners.

Focus group: High School students

Main outputs: Gymnasium acts as scene for the students last steps before they fully become adults.

Innovative aspect/s of the idea: Challenging the traditional way of giving education.

Project location: Copenhagen, Denmark.


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